Careful when draining your pool!

I get a few calls a year from people who would like to save a few dollars on there pool cleaning over the winter time. “Winterizing” is something that’s done, usually up north, in very cold climates to help keep things from freezing and cracking. In Southern California we don’t have to worry about that, but there are good […]

How To: Get More Water to Overflow Over Your Spa

Most pool and spas combos have an overflow to allow water from the spa to flow into the pool. This gives your pool a great look and sound.  But if your spa isn’t getting enough water, then it can be more sad than anything, so there are steps you should take to ensure that you […]

Product Highlight: iAqualink

Ever want to go in your spa when you were on your way home from dinner, but you know it will take to long to heat up? How about forgetting to turn the heater off at night? Or do you think you left the pool light on while you were out of town? Never worry […]

How To: Prime a Pump

Ever hear your pool pump running but don’t see any water moving? Then stop the pump! Any extended period of time the pump runs with no water can cause serious damage to it. So here are a few easy steps to get water flowing through the pump if you’re having trouble. If you just took […]

How To: Easily Remove Pump Lid

On older pumps removing your pump is pretty simple, there is a clamp with a way to tighten it. You simply loosen the clamp and it pops off. But on new pool equipment the lids usually slide onto notches that hold it in place. Even when tightened to a reasonable degree they can be very […]

Product Highlight: Solar Sun Rings

Everyone wants to heat their pool so it can be enjoyed all year long. But running a heater all summer can get expensive, and if your heater is broken, it will cost thousands of dollars to replace. Fortunately, there are great alternatives to a gas heater. Some people like the blue solar blanket, but these […]

Algae Treatment

Algae problems are something that has plagued most pool owners at some point. But Pure Water Pools is prepared to get your pool back to swimming condition as quickly as possible. Call us today to schedule a free estimate, and we can get you swimming again in no time! Call us at 805-297-0684

Equipment Repair

Pure Water Pool and Spas is trained in the latest techniques and technologies to get your pump, filter, heater, remote system, salt system or any other equipment running properly.

Pool Service

Pure Water Pools offers a comprehensive weekly maintenance program that includes: Brushing the pool Skimming leaves and other debri Removing any dirt Checking water chemistry Adjusting chemical levels Cleaning Skimmer baskets Checking all equipment

Filter Clean

A professional filter clean is an essential part of properly maintaining your pools chemistry and equipment. Proper filtration keeps algae from growing in your water, as well as removes oils from skin and hair, sunscreen, and dirt. If a filter builds up to much pressure it will cost more in energy to force the water threw, in addition to […]